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Personalized Wellness Consultations

Now Offered Online

Take control of your health and wellness so you can live your best life.


Using a unique, interdisciplinary approach to health and well-being, Physical Therapist Jennifer Hays and Yoga Therapist Kim Leibowitz’s collaborative partnership brings together their individual expertise to provide a more holistic and integrated experience to help clients achieve their wellness goals.

The physical therapy wellness portion of the consultation will take place online with Jennifer and incorporates the components of health goals, medical history, lifestyle, musculoskeletal alignment, strength, range of motion, balance and function. Following this evaluation, Jennifer and Kim discuss the results and are able to pinpoint exact physical areas of focus for healing. This information is then used to create the yoga therapy portion of the consultation which is also online and includes creating a personalized yoga-based plan designed for each client to promote a healthier body and mind and reduce the burden of current and future disease and disability.

b.Restored Wellness Consultations are designed for anyone who wants to:


  • Finally find relief from chronic pain or discomfort

  • Discover a strategy for being and staying healthy through the coming decades

  • Create an easy to follow exercise and wellness plan to put into practice at home

Cost for 2-hour package:   $275

Follow-up sessions are available

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