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Wellness Trips That Change Lives
Life changing. It’s such a cliche phrase, but it’s the true essence of b.Restored Travel. Our goal is to deliver experiences that will alter your life, no matter what stage you’re in. Sometimes it’s the simplest tweaks that can make all the difference. We each need time and space to notice these details and feel empowered to change and grow.
b.Restored Travel offers wellness getaways throughout the United States. Each trip is designed to offer travelers an opportunity to relax and recharge or challenge themselves with new and exciting adventures in a nurturing, supportive environment. b.Restored takes care of every detail, even those that aren't on a client's radar.

Join b.Restored on a journey of discovering YOU. It’s never too late to change your life and start living the way you’ve always imagined. Our trips are perfect for single travelers, couples, parents and adult children, or groups of friends who want to escape and renew together.


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What b.Restored Travelers Say


You can watch YouTube videos and read about inner-peace, accepting yourself and shifting your mindset, but it’s difficult to internalize until you see it being lived out by everyone in this retreat environment. In this space you learn the how and start to truly experience your authentic what and why.

                                     ~ Julia R.

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We are so grateful for all you do to take care of us at Canyon Ranch. The healing you facilitate for us spreads out in ripples of light that impacts the whole earth, and your own light does the same.

                                       ~ Erin F.

“I felt like it was a warm hug of guidance and health. This experience made me feel physically and emotionally whole.”

                                   ~ Karen R.

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